Monday, April 05, 2010

Ride, Tuesday 5pm.

Ride time 5pm.
We'll meet at the bottom of Quarry Gap Rd.

Going north on 233 from 30:
The first left after the water station.
Going South on 233 from Pine Grove:
The first right after Milesburn Rd.

Weather should be perfect.


Nevada said...

Are you leading fire road rides again?!

prophet said...

I'm there!

Slowride said...

What would BOP be without a few fire roads???
Hope you can make it Reno. If not I'll just throw myself over the bars once or twice just like old times!

Slowride said...

Ride Report:

prophet said...

The deep snow from this winter has many of the small evergreen trees hanging over onto the trails. Lollipop was particularly riddled with this. Hopefully they'll recover.

brett said...

best ride report ever.