Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2

No pics from Day 2. Yesterday was focused on DCNR's priority #1, which was the volunteer coordination. I'm sure we'll do much better at getting along with other users than we do amongst our own. I deleted the Day 1 post. The last 8 comments were off-topic and not useful. I posted it, I deleted it. I may employ that again when it turns to shit. If someone must create shit, do it under your own post.

I learned this week that people who make important trail decisions read this blog. Two others from the conference want to attend our meeting and/or join MBM. One of them suggested we create a separate front web page for true visitors and keep our dirty laundry bullshit in a separate area. I think many members may like this idea, though none of us know how to do it. I'll take a look into the Blogger settings and see. I've seen other blogs do it. Are any of you Anonymous people good at this kind of thing? Wanna help?

Whoever suggested putting the meeting minutes up, thank you. That's a good idea. I'll get the minutes from the last 2 meetings (if I still can find them) and post them over there on the right.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking care of this.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

who were the anonymous trail workers that did all the trenching, cribbing and various work to the Park Trail. Great work!

kamotstyson said...

Larry...I don't know you but I think you are headed in the right direction in respect to the networking that you are doing with the various orginizations.

On a side note: There are very many different reasons to post anonymously...some don't want recogonition and some want express their opinion without causing a fight. If some of you knew who you were actually calling out you may think again.

Buddha had an anonymous stranger yelling ignorant remarks at him for a period of time and after listening Buddha asked the man if he could ask him a question. The man said what is it...Buddha asked if someone gives you a gift and you choose not to accept the gift...who's gift is it? The moral to the story is that weather it is a gift or an insult or whatever...if you choose not to accept it then it's owned by the person that is giving.

brett said...

It may be time to explore a forum type web presence, like MORE and the Bikesite. You can have public subforums and private club-only subforums that way. Let's add it to the meeting agenda. Nice to see you last night.

Anonymous said...

I wish who did the work to park trail would take a look at the deer trail I found the other day. It looked like an animal built it. Ha Ha.

But seriously this SMP could be a sign of good things for the forest and comunity.

pabiker said...

The Bike Site and MORE pretty much allow for anonymous posting. Any Joe can sign in and post - not just members. The Bike Site does not have private sub-forums and if MORE does (and I'm not sure they do) they are used by officers not members.

brett said...

This is something else that can be discussed better at the meeting.

Zee Pirate' said...

Keep the blog.
Keep it clean.
Keep it simple.

Anonymous said...

This is a cool setup, but forums can help keep things organized for finding historical data/posts.

Hopefully I can find this site again when the fire subsides in my legs and lungs from my new re-entry in to biking.

...I chose to remain anonymous today because I also ride, as my mtn. biking friend calls it, a "trail wrecking quad machine" :)

Anonymous said...

Want a blog? Just create a simple online forum and create your threads for certain topics. It's much better than this noobish poopish...errr... blog? You can easily accept those you want in to reply on the forums through registration and easy banning those who are there to cause havoc.

IMO... It's 10x better than this.

Anonymous said...

"Want's a BETTER blog? with EASIER configuration/posting?"


Sorry. :x

Anonymous said...

Want's? WTF AM I DOING!!



Todd said...

Big D, actually The Bike Site and MORE both have public and private threads/sub-forums. MORE is run on V-Bulletin and allows for quite a bit of control over who can post and control over those posts. You have to become a registered user to post something and your user can get banned if you continually post inflammatory remarks. There are also forums for club members that registered users cannot access. This is the "value-added" reason for becoming a member as opposed to a registered user.

The Bike Site is not quite as robust, but, it does allow admins to moderate threads. So, instead of deleting entire threads, they can simply delete posts and ban offensive users if needed. There are also sub-forums that only certain people have access to. It's all about the permissions granted.

I will add that I don't understand all the "anonymous" posters here. If you have something valuable to add, why not do it as a registered user? IMHO, hiding behind an anonymous identity is weak-sauce. If you want to express an opposing opinion, there are ways to do it without being inflammatory. We are all after the same things, good trails to ride with good friends. Just a thought.